1. Soveltamisala

These terms and conditions apply to the transport of goods provided to the Customer by Apukuski (Hybrid Ventures Oy) (later the service provider).

Contact information:

Hybrid Ventures Oy, Business ID: 3130645-9

Federleynkatu 14 A11, 33400 Tampere

[email protected]

2. Conclusion of the Agreement

The contract is created when the Customer has accepted the offer or made a contract with the service provider. Or through the Apukuski website from the order booking calendar or by calling Apukuskki to place an order for the service.

3. Content of the Service

Freight transport service means the transport of goods by Apukuskin van. The collection, transport, and delivery of the goods to the destination will be carried out according to the schedule and in the manner specified in the agreement between the Customer and the service provider. The transport of goods is carried out by a van registered for licensed freight transport. The service is defined in more detail in the Service Provider's offer to the Customer.

4. Service Availability and Ordering

The freight transport service via the booking calendar is available in the Pirkanmaa region. The services are available throughout Finland through an Offer request.

The customer's order for the transport of goods must be placed in time before the scheduled pick-up time. A request for quotation for the transport of goods can be requested by contacting us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

5. Freight information

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to the service provider regarding the pick-up and delivery address of the goods, the quality of the goods, and contact information to enable transport. The necessary information must be provided to the service provider well in advance time before the scheduled delivery time. The Customer ordering the transport of the goods is responsible for ensuring that Apukuski has sufficient information about the goods to be transported so that they can be safely loaded, transported, and unloaded at the destination without any danger, unnecessary wait, or waste of time for the Apukuskki driver.

The service provider is not responsible for any delay caused by incorrect or incomplete information or for any disruption caused by the cancellation of the service for that reason. Other detailed information related to the transport of goods, such as matters related to the handling and schedule, of the goods, will be agreed with the Customer separately. Changes to the content of the service must be agreed between the Customer and the service provider before using the ordered service.

6. Goods to be transported

Goods that are not, such as to endanger the driver, the vehicle or any other goods may be accepted, for the carriage of goods. Examples of such prohibited goods are weapons, ammunition, and explosives. Goods classified as dangerous goods and goods whose dimensions generally exceed those of the goods carried by the vehicle are not permitted. When transporting valuables, the Customer is responsible for insuring the goods.

A van with a maximum weight of 3500 kg with the goods being transported is used for the transport of goods subject to licensing. It is the customer's responsibility to find out in advance the suitability of the goods for the van according to the information provided by the service provider. More detailed information can be found in the booking calendar. The load must be unloadable by hand. The weight of the load must not exceed 1079 kg.

7. Responsibilities

The service provider picks up the goods in accordance with the information provided by the Customer and the agreement. When the driver participates in the loading and unloading of the goods, this is the responsibility of the Customer and the consignee, unless otherwise agreed. According to the information provided by the Customer, the service provider delivers the goods to the recipient. The acknowledgment required of the recipient must be agreed upon separately between the Customer and the service provider.

If the goods cannot be delivered to their destination for a reason beyond the control of the service provider, the service provider has the right to store the goods until delivery of the goods becomes possible or, alternatively, to return the goods to the sender. If the delay or impediment to the delivery of the goods is due to incomplete information provided by the Customer, the service provider has the right to charge the Customer for reasonable costs incurred due to the impediment to delivery.

The Customer ordering the carriage of the goods is liable for any damage caused to the driver, vehicle, or other goods caused by the transported goods, which may be attributed to incomplete information provided by the Customer, packaging, or poor loading or unloading conditions. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the service provider has unobstructed access to the premises/places required for the ordered services.

8. Right of withdrawal for the consumer customer

The customer has the right to cancel the service within 14 days of the written order for the service. The cancellation must be made no later than one hour before the agreed start time of the service, in which case the cancellation is free of charge for the Customer.

If the service has already started, the customer is responsible for the costs of the already completed service. The customer can notify the Apukuskki of the order cancellation by e-mail at [email protected] or in accordance with the contact information provided in the offer.

9. Customer Register

The customers' names and contact information are stored in the Customer Register maintained by Apukuski. The information in the register is used as described in the register description.

10. Force majeure

The service provider is released from compliance with the obligations under the contract and from the obligation to pay damages in cases of force majeure, which are e.g. strike, lock-out, other industrial action, accidents, official action, and other circumstances which the service provider could not have avoided and the consequences of which he could not have prevented. The service provider strives to handle the services as well as possible, even in the exceptional circumstances.

In cases of force majeure, the service provider has the right, if necessary, to prioritize the provision of services in order to fulfill or safeguard statutory obligations, the operation of society, health, public safety, or other similar matters.

11. Validity

The delivery terms are valid from 26.08.2020 until further notice. We reserve the right to change the delivery terms due to changes in the law, for example.

12. Applicable Law and Disputes

Finnish law applies to this agreement. Any disputes will be resolved in the Pirkanmaa District Court. The consumer also has the right to bring an action in the ordinary lower court of his domicile or to refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board.

13. Terms of payment

Payment is made either by card or cash, at the pick-up or delivery address. For companies, the method of payment is also an invoice, and as a private customer, you can pay for the transport later via Klarna. Ask Klarna about the method of payment from the driver before transport.

We charge an invoicing surcharge of € 4 (VAT 0%) for paper invoices.

For private customers, we charge an invoice surcharge of € 3.15 (VAT 0%) for all invoices sent.

When the work is based on the hourly rate, the minimum billing time is 1 hour, after which we bill each starting 15 minutes at a time.

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