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Transport, move, or recycling?

Transportation, moving, picking up goods, and carrying help when needed! Apukuski's staff and the best local partner companies ensure fast and friendly service, without compromising quality and with a 100% reservation guarantee!
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For individuals

Order a car and carrying help to help you move your home or warehouse, transport large items to home, or export for recycling. Make your second-hand purchases easier by ordering Apukuski!
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Local deliveries of large goods and quantities of goods as a continuation of your logistics solutions. Easily order home deliveries and return deliveries at an immediate price tailored to the situation.
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As Apukuski's transport partner, you are part of a national network that consists of only the best players in the field. Make full use of your moving company's resources or earn extra income by making trips with your own van.
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In the media & the world

+ 1,000,000 km

Kilometers driven with our partners.


Average Customer Rating among +300 reviews.

98.5 / 100

Our customers are also happy to recommend our service to their friends (NPS).

Easy availability

Our technology makes booking, tracking, communicating, and paying easier than ever.
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The exact price

We use data collected from previous orders and other moves to give you a fair and accurate advance price.

Fast carriers

Fast, friendly, trained, and equipped "Apukuski's" guaranteed. Local partners enable availability.

Reservation guarantee

We implement the reserved service with 100% certainty. If, due to our error, we are unable to implement the confirmed reservation, we will pay the third party's costs for the implementation of the work in full!

Easy and flexible payment methods

Pay immediately or later, all at once or in installments. Klarna offers a 30-day cost-free, interest-free payment period or payment in installments.

What if something happens?

Although Apukuski is known for precise and safe work, unpleasant surprises can happen during transport and other operations. Don't worry - our operations are properly insured and we will take care of the damages 100%.
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Easy-to-use Apukuski application

Order with a couple of clicks!

1. Kuljettavat tavarat ja osoitteet

What, from where, and where?

Samalla kun kirjaat tietoja, sovellus arvioi työn keston, jopa alle 5% tarkkuudella.
2. Automaattinen kaluston valinta


Ilmoittamiesi tavaroiden perusteella sovellus etsii lähimmän riittävän kokoisen auton, jotta säästytään turhilta ajoilta.
3. Ajankohta ja räätälöity hinta

Etsi paras hinta ja tilaa!

Voit valita sopivimman ajankohdan hinnan ja vapaiden kellonaikojen perusteella.
4. Varaustakuu ja seuranta

Työn toteutus, ilman yllätyksiä

Kun tilaat, saapuu apu 100% varmuudella. Voit seurata auton ja kantajien saapumista reaaliaikaisesti. Palvelu on takuulla reipasta ja ystävällistä!
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