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1. The service is selected according to the driving time between pick-up and delivery addresses. Check the driving time Google Maps.
2. If the situation requires carrying assistance, be sure to select it in the Additional Services section.
3. The Apukuski is at the pick-up address at the time you select. Please ensure that the goods to be transported are ready for transport upon arrival of the Assistant/Apukuski.
4. Transportation is paid for either at the pick-up or delivery address by card or cash. (Note: Does not apply to business customers.)


Van 6m33

Trunk/boot space: Length 286cm x width 163cm x height 135cm
/ (L: 400cm x W: 28cm x H: 19cm)
/ (L: 334cm x W: 49cm x H: 19cm)
Max load 1079 kg. (2379 lb)

Big Van 19m33

Trunk/boot space: Length 415cm x width 216cm x height 210cm
Max load 872 kg. (1922 lb)
Tail Lift max load 750kg. (1654 lb)

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Phone number: 044 7747744
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